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Love, like, and relationships

In modern life I have noticed that people rush into things. Girls are willing to throw themselves at another person and some guys are willing to do so as well. Then they spout the word love two weeks into their relationship. Everyone here knows what I am talking about after all we all have that one friend that you seen do this type of action.
    Then as their relationships progresses you notice things about it. They stop talking as often and their eyes stray from their current partners. As the observer you decide not to say much on the thoughts that it was the trick of the light or you do not want to ruin what they have. Then they start to argue and you end up in the middle of the situation trying to mediate. The fights escalate and the relationship dies. Or the girl or the guy decides to act on the temptation of their straying eyes and cheats. Either way the relationship dies. This truly makes me wonder if the word love has any meaning what so ever in the daily lives of people.  
    However this is only one side of things. there are also the people who decide to do things slow and I have seen their relationship blossom. It is true that it doesn't happen often in college and high school but I have seen it happen. So why do some people rush and others do not. Is it the way they are raised or is it just them? Is it the environment or something else. It is a really important question to see. After all we all live in a drama filled world that would beat any soap opera hands down. We just need to observe.
    Observing can also have some draw backs. I have seen relationships fall and build however I tend to miss what is in front of me. My relationships tend to fail at times and others I do not notice the other person's growing affection to me. I tend to stay oblivious to these types of things and it makes me sad to admit it. But I am after all if you cannot point out your owns faults you can't judge others on my opinion.



Well I didn't want to do a pedicure today and do you know what my parents had the balls to call me lazy. I was working all morning for these stupid a**** and they show no appreciation to it. Then they said that they won't pay for my college and all that sh**. Well excuse me but you payed for the older ones schooling so why won't you help me in mine. Oh I know cuz they are stupid a******. My dad sleeps for most of the day and watches tv. However when I say no the hypocrites call me lazy and then tell me to pay for my own schooling. fine then fine another worker cuz i ain't helping anymore. 

Writer's Block: Where I want to be

What was your childhood dream? Did you ever accomplish it?

Not really. Well as of yet. Sadly I do not have super powers nor do I ever believe I will. 


Ahhh. Parents tend to make the children feel smart. Though the dumb comments they make in fount of your friends tend to make you wish the earth eat you alive. Does anyone else feel like this. Or is this just me.


Have you ever thought that no one can see you for who you really are. That you have to act a certain way to gain attention as well as friends. I felt this way for a long time. I am starting to wonder if I can ever act the way I want without worrying about what others may think of me.  has anyone else felt this way?



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